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union as the associate or, chief legislative counsel at the washington office. brendan sasso with the hill, next area discussion, please. >> host: i want to ask briefly of competing civil investigations. this is something agent trained to touch briefly on. i'm wondering if the federal trade commission or the securities and exchange commission want to get information from an e-mail provider. they're investigating google i want to know whether the company is engaged in unethical business is. does this legislation impede that investigation? >> guest: let me explain why there might be better examples. google acts as a provider of communications service and is a provider of communications service. so i think what the world ought to look like as that the ftc, for example is investigating google and wants to get google's corporate records, it should be able to serve a subpoena on google and get those records. that is what the legislation is intended to do. if the ftc is doing an investigation of somebody else who has a gmail account into your e-mail is not a google corporate records
the difficulties of the union's task. the knot apprehend the vast extent of the rebellion -- they did not apprehend the vast extent of the rebellion, as he put it. >> the second year of the civil war and a strained federal government and weak union forces. coln's "n drehle on linkedin rise to greatness." this weekend on c-span 2. >> "tubes" author andrew blum joined just on "the communicators." >> i tried to make our virtual world as tangible as possible. i found out one of the major maps of the internet i was looking at, it was called tele geography. it was made in milwaukee. they watch this thing come off a giant schoolbus machine. it seem like a great way into the store of figuring out not only were the internet is, but also trying to come to terms with what is still physical about our virtual world. it turned out that one thing that is physical are the very large printing presses and large printing presses that rent ma pt maps of the internet. i followed a mapmaker there to see this map of the internet come off of the press. >> is there a center of the universe when it comes to the internet? >>
strong the coalition is. you have the american civil liberties union. you get people from across the political spectrum in people that might otherwise be suing each other. there is apple. microsoft. at&t. but in the large companies are behind this. i think it has a lot of energy behind it. the bill coming out of committee is good, strong, bipartisan support and will strengthen the effort. i agree that there needs to be more discussion of this legislation. there needs to be hearings early next year. i think we have a good starting point. >> konrad motyka, how often in your job do you use the e-mails surges are cell phone searches -- searches or the cell phone searches? >> i am primarily in narcotics. i've not made the use of that as a tool in that particular arina. i do not want to put myself out there that uses it all the time. by could address what was said earlier. more concerns were brought to the debate fairly late. there is a bipartisan consensus to take a look at this and address it. i hope some of the law enforcement concerns will be taken into account. it does seem that t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3